ÅUF – Aarhus Youth Council – is an umbrella-organization representing more than 120 organizations working with children and young people in Aarhus Municipality.

ÅUF’s member-organizations consist of a very diverse group of organizations. They include scouts, youth political parties, religious organizations, organizations working internationally, cultural organizations and organizations with more of a direct approach, such as role-playing organizations and student organizations.

Besides our work to better conditions and possibilities for our member-organizations, ÅUF is dedicated to help involve children and young people in the decisions that concern them, and their everyday life.

ÅUF’s role as an active participant in debates focused on youth- and leisure-politics, has been a staple for the organization since the establishment in 1958. Through this, ÅUF seek to influence and improve the opportunities for organizations working with children and young people in Aarhus.

Århus Ungdommens Fællesråd

N.J.Fjords Gade 2K
8000 Aarhus C
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Phone: +45 86 13 89 11
Mail: aauf@aauf.dk
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CVR: 48012418